Online Casino Slots Basics

Both regular and online casino slots are enjoyed in nearly all countries over the world and are popular with people of different age, income. As a rule all slot machines resemble each other, nevertheless they are called differently. For instance, in the UK slots got the name "fruit machines", in Australia they are usually called "poker machines". The term "slot machine" is in fact American one and it became the most traditional in English-speaking society. Slot machine consists of three or more spinning reels and a special arm by pulling which it is started. To play the slots each gambler should put a special casino coin or money into the slot machine and after the money detector confirms the denomination of the coin the game is started. One more name for the slots is the "one-armed bandit" as a result of its common appearance. The payouts in traditional and online casino slots depend on the winning combinations of the symbols which fall out when the reels stop. Slots are popular in all ground as well as in online casinos as these games produce the most of the profit (about 70%) the casinos get each month. The slot machine is believed to be created in 1891 in the United States and it was primarily based on poker game. Slot machines were placed in practically all bars and the winners did not get the real money but got the cigars, beer, etc as the prizes. As the original slot games were in fact the poker games the player's goal was to get the best poker hand on the reels. To raise the house edge two cards were commonly taken off from the deck.

The original slot machine similar to the one we know today goes back to 1887 after Charles Fey devised a special machine which then was used in the slot machines. This slot machine contained three reels and five various symbols were used to create the combinations. Ever since slot machine was called "Liberty Bell" due to the name of a new symbol implemented by Charles Fey. Slot games gained the popularity since the days they were installed in all American casinos and online casino slots were introduced. Today, it seems that slot games will never disappear as more and more gamblers are attracted by the easiness and convenience of these casino games. Furthermore, due to the ability to play online casino slots lots of Internet users are lovers of the slot games.